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fully automated business for everyone

The Secret to Automating Business Process in Project Management

The Secret to Automating Business Process in Project Management

Use this template to optimise and automate the existing business process for your virtual team working remotely

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·Jul 4, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Key Takeaways
  • Concept
  • Video Tutorial
  • Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix - Video Transcript

Key Takeaways

  • You can reduce 60% of work with the correct way
  • Automate the existing process is the first step
  • Do not automate from scratch because it's so hard


To build a fully automated business, automating the process is significant in working remotely with your virtual team. As you make the process simple as much as you possibly can, the team members will be able to work less and produce the optimal results. Because you reduce unnecessary communications and get rid of the things distracting your team.

That is exactly the most essential skill for project management!

In addition, it doesn’t require complex project management tools and processes. You can simply trust the power of automation, as well as your team. Since every member is able to focus only on what they do with confidence, work efficiency will naturally be enhanced.

As a result, it creates more time and resources by releasing 62% of times a day that are used for work about work, your team will be able to complete tasks within 38% of times compared to the past. Highly recommend you to build a fully automated business step by step!

Video Tutorial

Build automated business step-by-step for generating income with templates

Step-by-Step Instruction

Let's begin by downloading the template made with Make, Box, Todoist and Slack. Please don't forget to add a star to the GitHub project!

Use Case

Here's the use case of which the template applies to:


If you have a virtual team for marketing content, such as video production for online courses, it would be great for you to get rid of unnecessary tasks - work about work.

Automation Scenario

This is the template that you're about to install. You can modify it as you want.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 1.19.34 PM.png

The 7 Steps to automating the process

So let's take a look at how to apply the template to the existing process.

  1. Communicate with your team for reducing their workloads
  2. Prepared a work environment with Box, Todoist and Slack
  3. Create 3 folders on Box - todo, doing and done
  4. Create 3 sections in Todoist project - todo, doing and done
  5. Create a new scenario with Make
  6. Import the template you've downloaded
  7. Modify the scenario according to your environment

The reason you need to modify the template and the scenario is that your tools need to be authorised with your Make account. It might be a bit complex for the first time, but it would be easier and easier after you master the settings.

In any case, it's an effortless way better than designing and automating a new process from scratch!


Instead of jumping to conclusions, it's better to start automating the existing processes one by one. By taking these baby steps, you're gradually getting better and better. As a result, you'll have a fully automated business for generating income on behalf of you!

That being said, I don't say that you can't get any "instant" results.

As you already know, you're about to have a semi-automated business with the template. This means you're getting rid of duplicated work from your virtual team so that they will work smarter than harder with less effort.

Makes sense? Happy automation!

If you're interested in automating business, you can follow my LinkedIn account that shares automation templates and use cases on a regular basis.

Appendix - Video Transcript

Hi my name is mana from ethical works!

Today I'm going to show you how to automate your tasks and workflows in content creation and management.

By automating a lot of things one by one, you'll be able to build a fully automated business as a system working for you, on behalf of you.

This means you can build your own system for generating a basic income.

So, let's get started!

First of all, you can download a template on my GitHub repository and it's completely free to use.

This is what looks like after you import the template into your Make scenario. If you don't have an account on Make, please follow the instruction in in the GitHub project.

As you can see, there are a trigger for Box, Todoist modules and Slack as well.

Here's the stuff that you need to use. This json file is the template to import. The zip file is a sample material to upload to your Box.

You can read the details of this sample later on.

Let's check what we have, the scenario, and box account, Todoist project that has 3 sections, and a slack channel.

To upload a zip file to your box folder, you first collect materials into a single folder and you can name the folder correctly to automate your workflow. Project name, type of content, and lastly, due date.

In the folder, you can put what you need like a thumbnail image, a video file, and a script.

Then you can compress the folder as a zip file.

In your box account, there are 3 folders - todo, doing and done. In this case we use the todo folder to upload the zip file already created.

Select the zip file, then push the button "run once" to automate the workflow.

Yes, it seems to successfully complete without errors. So let's take a look at one by one.

The file is successfully uploaded to the todo folder. The task is also created in the todo section and the task has detail information, as well as the due date.

In the slack channel, you also receive a simple notification that contains the link to the zip file.

If you want to import this template, you can simply download the JSON file and click three dots menu icon and select "import blueprint.”

With this automation, you and your virtual team are able to work effortlessly without switching multiple apps and contexts so that you can focus only on the important tasks - which means you have a semi-automated system already!

If you enjoy this video, smash the like button and add a star to my GitHub project. Thanks for watching, happy automation!

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