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fully automated business for everyone

fully automated business for everyone

Build Fully Automated Business for Your Basic Income

Build Fully Automated Business for Your Basic Income

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mana kaneuchi
·Jun 27, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Key Takeaways
  • Why Automation Is Important?
  • What's Effective Automation?
  • How to Use the Pre-Made Automation

Hi, my name is mana and I'm an automation consultant!

Today I'm going to share with you about how we can build a fully automated system effortlessly with automation templates. This post is not a mindset thing, it's more like a how-to article.

Key Takeaways

  • Automation can be a self-made basic income
  • You don't have to build a system from scratch
  • Pre-made templates help you build a system

Why Automation Is Important?

What is your ideal life? Work so hard in the rest of your life? Retire early with real estate? Or make a difference to the world in an ethical way?

For me, the ideal life is to build a new culture while a system works for you and me. So I want to have the system working on behalf of you and me. It might be a kind of self-made basic income for us.

To make it possible, I want to let go of all the things that no longer work for us, automate essential tasks and focus only on important work without checking Gmail and Slack all the time.

Actually, we need more time to do a new thing. So a fully automated business system is needed. It not only reduces our workloads, but reduces our stresses and mistakes as well.

As a result, the fully automated system helps us send good vibes to the world, including your customers and my business partners. The world starts to change in the energy level because of good vibes.

What's Effective Automation?

When it comes to automation, it also requires you to automate smarter rather than harder.

If you want to be free from BS jobs, you have to be free from BS jobs NOW. If you want to work effortlessly, you have to work effortlessly NOW.

That means that you don't necessarily have to work harder in building an automated system from scratch. You have automation templates, already.

By modifying the pre-made templates, you'll be able to build your own system effortlessly. The templates are available on my GitHub repository so you can download them anytime.

How to Use the Pre-Made Automation

To use the automation templates, the only 7 steps are required.

  1. Sign-up Make (automation platform)
  2. Upgrade the plan at least Core
  3. Create a new scenario
  4. Download a template as a JSON file
  5. Import the template into the scenario
  6. Make some modification accordingly
  7. Having fun with the automation

And repeat. That's all.

I also created a step-by-step instruction for you with scribe. If you are new to Make, please refer to the visual instruction.

From today, I'll be posting the details of automation templates here with images and use cases. I'm also constantly sharing a new automation on my LinkedIn so please follow my LinkedIn account if you're interested!

Lastly, please use my affiliate link when signing up for Make. It really helps a lot!

Happy automation~

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